How to setup Time Traveler for the first time

  1. Run the WHS Console and select the Time Traveler tab
  2. Enter your email address and order number. You can find this information in your email purchase order confirmation.    Alternately, you can select Trial Mode and use the full features of the software; the trial version is only limited in that it allows up to 25 roll-back points
  3. Click the Setup button to run the one-time database initialization. We recommend that you store the Time Traveler database file on a hard drive other than the hard drive where your WHS Storage is located.  Check your Server Storage tab, located on the WHS Console, to view your storage allocations.  You should consider purchasing a new hard drive for the database; although this is not a requirement.  If you cancel this step then the software will not be usable until you restart the WHS Console and complete the setup wizard