How to verify a file downloaded from the internet

Integrity Checker will automatically create integrity stamps for all new and changed files with no interaction on your part.  When you want to verify the integrity stamp on a single file then you can manually request an integrity scan from the Integrity Checker Add-in
Install and configure Integrity Checker.  Ensure Integrity Checker is watching at least one Share on your server
Download the desired file from the internet.  Ensure the file is copied into one of the folders that you configured Integrity Checker to watch!
When the file download is complete, Integrity Checker will automatically create an integrity stamp for the file.  This does not require any interaction on your part
Open the server Console and select the Integrity Checker tab
Select the Verify Integrity Stamp On A File link to open the View Processed Files windows
Select Browse Folder Tree, browse to the file you just downloaded
Enter the SHA-1 hash of the file you just downloaded in the Your Hash text box.  This hash will be 40 digits in length.  It is typically included as part of large downloads.  For example, when downloading the RC candidate for Windows Home Server 2011 you will be given the following information (locate the SHA1 value):===== en-us_WHS_PREM_InstallDVD.iso ===== Volume label    : GRMSHSxFRE_EN_DVD Size in bytes   : 4192329728 CRC             : 0xC191510A SHA1            : 0x65AB44627F12E6FC5268BE2ED9F5489CB98021DF
Press the Compare button and Integrity Checker will verify the integrity stamp.  If the values do not match then you probably have a bad download and should download the file again