How to configure how and when Integrity Checker locates new/changed files

By default, Integrity Checker will automatically watch for new/changed files.  You have the option of changing how Integrity Checker watches for files: automatic/real-time (the default setting), scheduled, or manual mode.
From the Integrity Checker tab, select More followed by Configure new/changed file watching.
You have three options available.  Real-time/Automatically” is the default option.  Integrity Checker will automatically find all new/changed files with no interaction on your part.  “Daily” will automatically search for new/changed files at the time of day you specify.  “Manually” will force Integrity Checker to never watch for new/changes files unless you specifically return to this dialog and press “Manually, whenever I click this link.”
“Real-time/Automatically” is the preferred setting; keeping your system up to date with the least amount of intervention.
“Daily” schedule is a good setting if you want to lower the load on your server on a real-time basis.  Server load will be pushed out to the time of day you specify.
“Manual” mode is available for those people who only want scans to be run at rare, manually defined, times.