How to search for a file and verify its integrity stamp

Integrity Checker will automatically create integrity stamps for all new and changed files with no interaction on your part.  When you want to verify the integrity stamp on a single file or multiple files, you must manually request an integrity scan
Open the Server Console and select Integrity Checker from the top tab bar
Select the Verify Integrity Stamp On A File link from the Common Tasks area
You can search for the file by three different methods: search by filename, search by date, or browse folder tree
Method #1: Select Search By Filename to enter the name, or part of the name, of the file you want to verify.  A results list will be displayed.  You can then select the single file you wish to verify from this list
Method #2: Select Search By Date to view all of the files which currently have integrity stamps on them in order of date processed.  You can then select the single file you wish to verify
Method #3: Select Browse Folder Tree to click-though all files and folders which contain an integrity stamp.  You can then select the single file you wish to verify
Now that you’ve selected the single file to verify you will see the Integrity Stamp window.  This window will show you the current integrity stamp information (integrity date, file size, SHA-1 hash) in the upper portion on the window
If you have an existing 160bit SHA-1 hash (i.e. typically supplied for you when you download a large file from the internet) then you can enter the supplied hash in the ‘Your Hash’ text box and press the Compare button to verify the integrity of the file.  If this fails then your file was probably downloaded incorrectly and you should retry the download from the original source of the file
You can also re-scan the file on your server to verify the file as it currently exists still matches the file as it was scanned by Integrity Checker in the past.  Press the Compare button to run this scan.  If this fails then your hard drive might be going bad.