How to run an integrity scan and interpret the results

Integrity Checker will automatically create integrity stamps for all new and changed files with no interaction on your part.  When you want to verify the integrity stamp on a single file or multiple files, you must manually request an integrity scan
Open the Server Console and select Integrity Checker from the top tab bar
Select the Run An Integrity Scan link from the Common Tasks area
You have the option of running a scan on all files or on a single file.  The following steps assume you’re running a scan on all files.  If you want to verify the integrity on a single file then please continue to the section search for a file and verify its integrity stamp
The integrity scan will be queued and run in the background until complete.  You can view the number of scans you have queued via the Scans Queued count
The integrity scan will not begin until the Queued Files count stabilizes at zero files.  Once the scan begins running, the Queued Files count may increase but will not stop, or effect, the integrity scan.  Any new or changed files which are queued during the integrity scan will be processed after the scan is complete and will not show up in the integrity scan report
After the integrity scan is complete (i.e. the Scans Queued count displays zero scans pending) then you can view the results of the scan by selecting the View Integrity Scan Results link from the Common Tasks area
The View Integrity Scan Results  window displays all of your integrity scans, by date, on the left-side.  Select any one of these scans and the results will be displayed on the right-side.  You can see a list of all files processed in the scan, total file count, total errors, and total warnings.  If all files passed the integrity check then a green shield will be displayed in the lower-right corner.  If one or more files failed the integrity check, you will see a red shield.  To easily locate any failed items, you can sort the files by clicking the Results column; all failed items will group together within the list
You can delete a scan from the list by selecting the scan on the left-side and pressing the Delete button
After your review of the scan results is complete you can press Exit to return to the Server Console