Configure Integrity Checker to automatically create integrity stamps on my files

After you’ve installed Integrity Checker, you can configure the software to automatically create integrity stamps on all existing, new, and changed files within Shares that you select
Open the Windows Server Console and select Integrity Checker on the top tab
Select a Share in the Shares list-box.  Right-click and select Enable
That it!  Integrity Checker will automatically create integrity stamps on all of you files within the Share you just selected
If you watch in the lower-left corner you will see that Integrity Checker has already started processing files.  See the Files Processed and Files Queued items
You can select as many Shares as you desire
Note that Integrity Checker will continue to work in the background and create integrity stamps for all new files as they are copied to your Server.  Simple and easy!  Let Integrity Checker work for you.
Select the Pause Operation link at any time to stop Integrity Checker from creating new integrity stamps.  Integrity Checker will continue to watch, and queue, files when paused but no new integrity stamps will be created
If you ever decide you do not want integrity stamps on files in a certain Share then simply right-click on the Share and select Disable.  Existing integrity stamps will remain on files but new and changed files will not be updated by Integrity Checker