Understand how Integrity Checker creates and stores integrity stamps

Integrity Checker runs as a service on your server.  The process is always running in the background and will quietly and efficiently watch the Shares that you select for new and changed files
Whenever a file without a integrity stamp is located, it will be queued and automatically processed by Integrity Checker.  This process will be completed with no interaction on your part
An integrity stamp is comprised of three separate pieces of information: file modification date, file size, and the SHA-1 hash of file data
The integrity stamp information is written to each file as an Alternate Data Stream (ADS)
Integrity stamp information will remain attached to the file when you copy the file to other servers and PC’s.  Note, some applications may delete the ADS when they write to an existing file.  If the file remains in a folder watched by Integrity Checker then the integrity stamp will automatically be regenerated when the file is changed