How to use additional Time Traveler settings

To locate the settings dialog, select the “More” link in the lower right corner of the main screen.  You can update the following settings:

  1. Check for Updates: this will check the internet to verify if    there is a newer version of Time Traveler that you can download.    If a new download is available then you will be given a link to  download the latest version.
  2. Gather Diagnostic Logs: copy diagnostic logs to your  “\\server\public” share if requested by a Time Traveler WHS    support personnel
  3. Enable Diagnostic logs: enable or disable diagnostic logs if  requested by a Time Traveler WHS support personnel
  4. Verify Database: verify the integrity of your rollback  database.  Automatically fix any errors
  5. Reset All Settings and Database: erase your rollback  database.  This will erase all history.  You can reclaim space and    start over. Close your WHS Console and re-start it to rebuild a new rollback database