How to use Time Traveler; day to day use

The lower-left corner of Time Traveler add-in displays information about the state of your rollbacks.  You have access to the following information:

  1. Status: this will display “Online” if everything is configured correctly.  If you’re running a trial version of Time    Traveler and it expires then it will display “Expired Trial” and no future rollback operations will be available to you.  During normal operation this can also display “Updating database” and “Updating folder list”; these are displayed while Time Traveler is performing rollback operations
  2. Last Scan: This is the date and time of the last scan
  3. Last Rollback: this is the date and time of the last rollback created on your WHS. It may not be the same as the “Last Scan.”    For example, if a scan is run but no new or changed files are found then a rollback is not created at that time and no disk    space is used for a new rollback
  4. Total Rollbacks: this is the total number of rollbacks available. If you press the “Manually” link and there is a new or    changed file in one of your selected Shares then you will see this number increase
  5. Available Space: this is the total space available for the Time Traveler rollback database

Four schedule options are available: periodic, daily, on-file-change, and manually.  See the lower-middle section of the main screen for these settings:

  1. Periodically: this option will scan your selected Shares for new and changed files at the specified interval you choose
  2. Daily: this option will scan your selected Shares for new and changed files once per day at the specified hour you choose
  3. On file change: this option will configure Time Traveler to automatically run a new rollback whenever a file is added or changed on your Windows Home Server.  You can select the number of seconds after each file change that Time Traveler should wait before it runs a rollback
  4. Manually: this option will scan your selected share whenever you run the Console and press the Manually link.  Further, you can always run a manual rollback-point by selecting the Create rollback now link located on the lower-right corner of Time Traveler