How to rollback a Share, folder, or file to a previous version

  1. Make sure that you have Time Traveler configured and have at least one Share enabled for rollback
  2. Right-click a Share and select Rollback
  3. Select the date and time you want to rollback. By default, the date and time of the most recent rollback is selected. You can select any date and time going back to your first rollback point
  4. Select the Locate button if you want to locate a particular date/time for a file.  Selecting a file/folder on the right-hand pane will display all of the available rollback points for that file/folder in the left-hand pane.  Press Select to set the rollback to the desired rollback date
  5. Select what you want to rollback; either the entire Share, a folder within the Share, or a single file
  6. By default, your rollback is placed in the “Time Traveler Rollbacks” share.  You may elect to rollback your files directly into the original Share.  Note, rolling back files into the original Share will overwrite all files on the WHS which exist within the rollback; new files and folders which were added after the rollback date will NOT be deleted
  7. Press Rollback and your files are rolled back to the selected Share
  8. You can now view the rolled-backed files via Windows Explorer. If you wish to keep a file permanently, and you rolled back into the “Time Traveler Rollbacks” Share, then simply drag-and-drop it from the “Time Traveler Rollbacks” Share to your original share. Time Traveler will update its rollback database with the new file. Of course, you can always rollback to any previous version at any time.