How to mount and unmount CD/DVD ISO images

First, ensure the ISO Mounter add-in is installed on your WHS 2011 or WHS V1 server
Run the Server Dashboard and select the ISO Mounter tab
Select the “Mount ISO” button or the “Mount An ISO File” link to view the file browser dialog
Browse to the folder on your server containing the ISO image file you wish to mount and select OK
The ISO file will be automatically mounted on your server and added to the list of mounted ISO names displayed in the Server Dashboard
At this point you can browse the mounted ISO contents, as if they were single folder, directly from your server or any PC connected to the server.  Note, double-clicking any ISO file in the list of mounted ISO names will automatically open an explorer window to the contents of the ISO image
When you are ready to unmount the ISO image simply return to the Server Dashboard, select the ISO Mounter tab, select the ISO file you which to unmount, and press the “Unmount ISO” button
The ISO image will be unmounted and removed from the list of mounted ISO names