How to exclude specific files and folders from scanning

Snoop-de-dupe will automatically scan all files within the folders you select to watch for de-duplication.  You can configure Snoop-de-dupe to exclude certain files or folders by name.  You can also exclude files by minimum file size, maximum file size, and file attributes (e.g. hidden, system, read-only)
Select More Settings from the lower-middle section of the main screen
Select the Set Excluded Files link to open the set excluded settings dialog
Enter the name of one or more files/folders that you want to exclude from de-duplication and press the Add button.  To remove an exclude from the list, select the item and press the Delete button.
You can use the following wildcard characters when declaring file and folder names:
  • ? = a single character
  • * = any number of characters
  • To exclude all files named folder.jpg, enter *\folder.jpg
  • To exclude all .ini files (such as desktop.ini), enter *.ini
  • To exclude Bob’s entire user share, enter d:\shares\Users\bob\* OR *\users\bob\*
  • To exclude all doc files that begin with the name ted and end with two characters, enter *\ted??.doc
  • To exclude all folders named backup, enter *\backup\*
  • The file/folder name you enter is not case-sensitive
  • If you remove an exclude from the list and want to force Snoop-de-dupe to re-scan a folder then use the Edit Watched Folders link to remove the folder, then re-add the folder again