How to manage multiple duplicate files with Batch Mode

Snoop-de-dupe makes it easy to manage large quantities of duplicate files with Batch Mode
From the main Snoop-de-dupe tab, select the Batch Resolve button to open the Batch Resolve window
A complete list of all duplicate files will be displayed in the upper-listbox
Select one or more files (you can hold the shift or control key to select multiple files)
Press the Add button.  All selected files will be moved to the lower-listbox
You can now press any action button: Delete All, Hard Link All, or Copy To Clipboard.  This action will be taken on all of the selected files
If you want to remove a file from the selected lower-listbox then simply select the file and press the Remove button.  The file will be moved back to the upper-listbox and will not be processed in any future batch action
Note: if the file you wish to delete or hard-link is not listed in the upper-listbox then the file is probably marked as an “original file.”  You can change the “original file” by selecting one of the duplicate files of that “original file” and pressing the “Set As Original” button.  This will swap the duplicate file and the original file and allow you to process batch actions