How to configure Snoop-de-dupe

After you’ve installed Snoop-de-dupe, you can configure the software to automatically watch folders for duplicate files
Open the Windows Server Console and select Snoop-de-dupe on the main tab bar
The first time you run Snoop-de-dupe, a dialog will automatically be displayed so you can select which folders you would like to watch.  Add one or more folders to be watched
After you have added the folders you want to be watched then press the Exit button and Snoop-de-dupe will automatically scan your servers existing files.  Further, Snoop-de-dupe will automatically watch your system for new and changed files.  Whenever you wish to view the duplicate file list, simply open the Console and select the Snoop-de-dupe tab.  The current list of duplicate files will always be visible in the top-most list box.
As you can see, Snoop-de-dupe is very easy to configure and use!  It will run in the background, waiting for you to view the list of duplicate files at your convenience.
Now that Snoop-de-dupe is configured and running on your server, you can review how to interpret and take action on the duplicate list results