How to view all mounted ISO files in a single shared folder

By default, ISO Mounter will mount ISO files in the same folder as the original .iso file.  That is, the original .iso file will be replaced with a mounted folder.  If you prefer to have all of your ISO files visible from a single folder then you can set the “relocation folder”
Open the Server Dashboard and select the ISO Mounter tab.
Select the “Set relocation folder” link from the Common Tasks list to display the Folder Browser dialog
Browse to the folder on your server that you want to host all mounted ISO files and select “OK.”  Note, this folder is typically located within one of the Servers shared folders to give access to all server clients
That’s it!  Now, all mounted ISO files will be displayed in both their original location as a mounted folder and in the “relocation folder” you specified.
Note this is a useful feature if you store your ISO files outside of your Server shares since the original .iso file will not be visible outside of the Server